The Electric Vehicle Boom

March 17th, 2022 by

The Electric Vehicle Boom – EV vehicles are coming & to stay

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With changing market demands and the collective enthusiasm for green energy alternatives, the automotive industry has made it a point in recent years to branch into hybrid and electric car models for conscientious consumers. In fact, it has never been a better time to trade in your old fossil fuel-dependent model for a new electric vehicle.

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Not only will you save big on skipping the trip to the gas pump, on-going costs and maintenance will also be drastically less than a conventional vehicle. Oil changes and costly fluid, pump, and valve repair are a thing of the past when you’re an electric vehicle owner. You can also look forward to smooth, quiet drives, with no noisy gas engine to serve as the dominant soundtrack for your weekend road trip. Additionally, there are a handful of tax incentives available when installing a solar-powered carport. When you consider that the average gas-fueled vehicle emits a startling 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year according to the EPA, switching over to a vehicle that releases no greenhouse gasses whatsoever seems to be the most natural–and environmentally conscious–choice.
Luckily, choices abound when it comes to hybrid and fully-electric vehicles. You’re no longer locked into expensive luxury models like Teslas if you want to make the switch from gas to electric. As the auto industry continues to adapt, virtually every manufacturer will eventually have a full line-up of electric vehicles on the sale lot.

EV Jeep charging
In keeping up with the demand for sustainability, Rairdon is proud to offer an enormous selection of hybrid and electric vehicles. Jeep has a few exciting plug-in hybrids on the market now, including the Wrangler 4XE and the Grand Cherokee 4XE for those who live for hiking trails and off-road adventures. Nissan currently has the Leaf model available with the all-new fully-electric 2023 Ariya coming soon. Honda has its staple models available in a hybrid format as well, with the Accord, Insight, CR-V, and Acura NSX ready to meet any of the day-to-day driving needs of the customer. Hyundai also has quite an impressive selection, with Tucson, Sonata, and Santa Fe available as hybrids, and brand new 2022 fully-electric Kona and Ioniq 5 models. For fans of Subaru’s adventurous, all-terrain, and family-friendly lifestyle vehicles, the fully-electric 2023 Subaru Solterra is just about ready for market release.

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With so many options available for virtually any lifestyle, there’s no reason not to browse Rairdon’s inventory of hybrid and electric vehicle models. Embrace the clean, green future and enjoy the journey in an all-new, zero-emissions vehicle.

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