Road Trip Season Starts Now! Plan Your Post-Quarantine Memorial Day Road Trip with Rairdon

May 14th, 2021 by

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With all the uncertainty over the course of the past year, many people are itching to get out of the house, especially as the weather in the Puget Sound starts to warm. Nature abounds around us with blue skies, blooming trees, and the serenade of song birds. With plenty of time spent at home, you might have taken the initiative to start a backyard or balcony garden. But if you’re looking for a getaway rather than a stay-cation to take advantage of the temperate weather and enjoy more time spent outdoors, you’re not alone. Hotels, crowded attractions, and airline travel are still cautioned against. Fortunately, there is always the classic road trip, and it turns out that the 2021 forecast is perfect for those looking to plan a safe and economical Memorial Day weekend on the road.


  Here are just a few things to consider before packing up the family and heading out on the interstate:


    1. Travel Responsibly Health and travel experts recommend staying within 100 miles from home. Luckily, there are plenty of upsides to staying local. Supporting local businesses in your county or region is always positive. The safest destinations are outdoors. The Pacfic Northwest is filled with a great selection of state and national parks, perfect for popping up a tent at a campsite and enjoying an evening around a crackling campfire. If you’re planning anything longer than a day trip, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance, as holiday weekends sell out fast. Make sure to pack plenty of face masks and hand sanitizer in your glove compartment ahead of time, too, so that you’re never caught out without proper hygiene measures. Bringing your own snacks and beverages with you also cuts down on the number of rest stops you’ll have to make along the way to your destination.

    3. Vehicle Maintenance Before you set out on the road, make sure to check and correct any outstanding vehicle maintenance issues, like persistent dashboard warning lights, handling issues, and oil levels. Bring your vehicle to any one of Rairdon’s 11 locations in Western Washington for oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and any other tune-up needs. Our certified technicians will prepare your car for a smooth, safe ride.

    5. Last-Minute Checklist You’ve got a cooler full of snacks and drinks, a set of masks and hand sanitizer, and all your belongings for a sunny weekend on the road. Is there anything left to do before setting off on your Memorial Day adventure? Run a quick, cursory diagnostic on your vehicle and make sure that engine oil, brake fluid, and coolant are all at the appropriate levels. Ensure that your tire treads still have enough grip to handle slick roadways and that each tire has suitable air pressure. Take a quick walk around the car to make sure headlights and tail lights are all bright and functioning. If everything is in working order, you should be good to go!



    Rairdon is here to provide any vehicle maintenance needs you might have before setting out on your summer adventure. Whether you’re searching for an upgrade from your current vehicle, or need to stop by for a quick once-over on your trusty family car, let us help you with all of your automotive needs. We hope you enjoy the sun, the fresh air, and the company of family this Memorial Day. Let road trip season begin!